Private Sessions

Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions

Private sessions offer the opportunity to work one on one with a teacher to address your individual needs and personal goals. ​

​​What you can expect from me:

  • Supportive and empowering guidance in yoga techniques to help you find balance in your own body.  I offer a compassionate approach and a customized session designed to meet you where you are at on each given day.
  • After an initial intake and assessment I will design a program to specifically address your individual needs.
  • I offer practical methods for calming the nervous system to help reduce pain, stress, anxiety, etc. with the use of yoga techniques such as breath work, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness practices, visualization, and restorative yoga postures.
  • We will look at alignment, movement patterns and structural integrity to correct physical imbalances if necessary. We’ll use yoga postures, body awareness, mobility training and self-myofascial release to open up tight areas and to strengthen and stabilize others where needed.
  • You will also be given techniques to practice at home which will help you to progress more quickly in your goals.

Timeline: Each individual is unique and each session is customized to that individual. Yoga is increasingly effective over time and the more consistently it is practiced, the more profound the resulting changes in body, nervous system and overall well-being are. It is encouraged that each person commits to their own progress by practicing outside of sessions. Generally a series of 4 – 6 sessions is recommended but not required.